Sunday, 10 June 2012

Nearly there....

With only three weeks to go until the challenge I took myself off for a training walk today from Reedham to Brundall, a total distance of 10.5 miles. A decent distance, and a walk that I've done several times before ( here and here for example). The walk takes me from Reedham Ferry alongside the river and through Cantley and Buckenham. There the route moves away from the river through to Strumpshaw and finally into Brundall.

This is a route that I usually enjoy, unfortunately however today I was disappointed. I've walked this path on several occasions and have noted, in this blog, how its appearance changes throughout the different seasons. Sadly today it was so overgrown that it was very difficult to walk. I was having to walk through weeds, grasses etc (I'm no expert on what they actually were!) up to my armpits - ok I'm short but still! If I hadn't been so familiar with the route I would have almost certainly turned back as there was no real way to determine where the oath actually was. Indeed, even I took a wrong turn and ended up doing a rather hairy ten minutes on a very narrow piece of ground between two reed beds. Although I can't name much of the vegetation I could identify the multitude of stinging nettles, and sadly my legs still show evidence of these.... I don't know whether the overgrowth on the path was due to the weather, the lack of recent walkers because of the weather, council cuts or a combination of the three but whatever it is I do hope it doesn't stay that way for long, it's such a lovely route it would be such a shame if it were lost.

I finished my walk in Brundall where I was given a fantastic home cooked Sunday roast dinner (thanks Mum!) the perfect end to a long walk!

(It has nothing to do with the rest of the walk but I also saw this rather funky (and large) caterpillar on my walk so wanted to share the photo!)

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