Sunday, 12 February 2012

A flatulent horse made me jump...

Had a very peaceful walk today, except for the incident described in the title, I don't think any more detail is needed.....

I took myself off for a walk round Brundall today, the original plan had been to explore some country lanes and footpaths but as I set out the mist had really started to set in so I decide that pavements were the safer option, initially at least.

The freezing temperatures of the past week meant that much of last weekend's snow was still laying, although not nearly as crisp and satisfying as it was during last week's walk. It did make for some lovely winter scenes however, it also added a degree of jeopardy to the walk as I worked hard to avoid slipping on the ice. This gave me a chance to test out the grip provided by my boots at least!


I set off from Brundall to Blofield and through the village until I crossed the A47 by footbridge. I've not been beyond this point before so I just followed a random selection of small country roads to walk along, walking effectively in a large circle to bring me back to Blofield. Other than the afore mentioned horse I didn't see anyone else along the route.

Once back in Blofield I was planning to walk along the route I came from, I however spotted a footpath sign and decided to explore. I was glad I did! The footpath took me along some little paths, over stiles, through very muddy fields etc, a 'proper' country walk. I did end up with mud up to my knees, but it was worth it!

surprise footpath

I still don't feel I've regained the level of fitness I need for the challenge, today's walk was only 7 miles so I still have some way to go. I am however starting to enjoy walking again and probably could have gone on for a few more miles today. I did however have a roast dinner and a hug from my amazing nearly 4 month old niece to get back to so I think I can be forgiven for calling it a day when I did! 

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