Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Best Training Walk Ever!

I could have been forgiven for not going on a training walk this weekend. It’s my ‘pre-birthday’ weekend so I had a party last night, a late night on Saturday doesn’t usually lead to the most productive of Sundays walking-wise. Anyone who knows me, even the tiniest bit, however will know I love snow. Given that overnight we had at least 10cms fall in Norwich the real challenge was waiting until it was time to leave the house to get walking in it.

the cathedral

Today’s walk took me to the UEA, via Eaton Park, but I did start off with a slight detour through the Cathedral Close to take a few pictures. Once at UEA we walked although park of the new nature trail (opened this week) before doing a lap of the UEA lake. The total walk was just under 9 miles. The weather meant my pace was slow though, total walk time was just shy of 3hrs 40mins. Still, an impressive time to be out in such weather! Although I may encounter some snow at the top of the Three Peaks it’s highly unlikely I will be walking in anything like this. I do feel like I’ve had a good work out though and imagine the muscles used in keeping my balance on slippery ground may hav some similarities to the balance needs of walking up and down hill.

Eaton Park

The walk also gave me the opportunity to really try out some of my walking gear. My feet stayed toasty warm and dry despite me taking every opportunity to walk through the deepest parts of the snow, testament to the waterproofness of my boots. I also used my waterproof trousers, and those combined with some pretty impressive layering meant I stayed warm and dry the whole time, in fact I even considered de-layering at one point as it got too warm.

the lake

Unfortunately I did miss the funniest moment of the day, a (what I imagine to be) rather spectacular fall on the ice by Hetal – I was least on the other end of the phone when it happened so feel somewhat part of it! The second funniest moment however was on the way back watching a smart car trying to get up a very snowy hill! He managed it in the end, but not before attracting quite a large crowd!


I will be back out on the walks next weekend, having a feeling though that next week’s isn’t going to seem quite as exciting as this with no snowy scenes to photograph. 

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