Sunday, 4 September 2011

A route I will NEVER walk again....!

Today's walk was from Reedham to Brundall, a route in the most part following the line of the river which I have done many times before, and a route that I usually enjoy. Unfortunately due to an incident today I don't think I will ever be able to bring myself to do it again.

I was less than a mile into my walk when I noticed ahead of me a couple looking earnestly at the ground. As I approached them I said I hoped I wasn't about to tread on something, to which the man replied " oh no, it's just a cute little field mouse, aww look, he's hiding...". No, any of you who no me well will appreciate the seriousness of this, but for those of you who are less familiar let me explain, I am absolutely terrified of anything rodent like, not in a Tom and Jerry, standing on a chair with a broom style, in a completely and utterly want to cry kind of way. I'm reluctant to call it a phobia, as that implies that there's something irrational about it, and to me it is a totally rational thing. Suffice to say therefore that the idea of being anywhere near one, let alone actually seeing it (I did) really isn't the best start to a walk I could have. Now, I know what you're thinking, does she not realise that on all these walks she's done she must have been near plenty of these creatures?? Well yes I do know that logically, but so long as I don't actually see them then I can convince myself they're not there - yes, maybe that bit is a little irrational.....

It may not sound like much to most people but I have to say I'm quite proud of myself for continuing the walk after that. Yes, I may have spent the rest of the walk with my head down, scrutinizing the irritatingly long grass that I had to walk through and audibly whimpering every time the wind made the reeds rustle that little bit too much, but the point is I did it.

The rest of the walk was reasonably uneventful. I did find the going tough, feeling the two preceding days' long walks in my legs. I did discover though that I have developed the knack of keeping going, even when every fibre of my body is begging me to stop - I'm thinking this skill is going to be quite important on the day itself!

The end of the walk was broken up nicely by a mini air show I stumbled along - I like to think it was a private show for me but I think it was actually just a private individual having fun with his plane. Equally I like to thing the heart shape he made in the sky was aimed for me, however unlikely that is....

for me?

The walk was rounded off by a lovely roast dinner at my Mum's house so thank you to Mum and Tom for that (I promised them both a mention) a perfect reward for 3 days of training.....

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