Saturday, 3 September 2011

Norfolk Coast Path - Sheringham to Salthouse

Today marks three weeks until the challenge, so is my last week end of really  'going for it' with the training before I start to taper it off. So despite yesterday's long walk I decided to do another one today, and will do the same tomorrow. As it stands I'm feeling ok, hopefully a good sign that my recovery from one walk to the next is good.

Today I took myself up to North Norfolk and followed the Norfolk Coast Path from Sheringham to Salthouse and back again, a total of 10miles. I've done parts of this path before, but never gone as far in this direction so it was a nice novelty. It being a sunny day the path was quite busy, but not so much so that it was a problem.

Leaving Sheringham the path follows the cliff top towards Weybourne, a pretty hilly landscape (again, by Norfolk standards) so a good training ground for me. Once through Weybourne I was surprised to see the cliffs more or less disappear, and the route on to Salthouse continued along gravel banks along the beach. Now, I know a lot of people say that walking on sand is the best walking exercise you can do....these people have clearly never walk along gravel banks. It was hard work, and added about 3 minutes per mile to my walking pace - a good thing training wise I guess but not fun at the time!

boo to gravel banks....

All in all though this was a good walk, and it was nice to go back to exploring somewhere new. The only disappointment was that I finished my walk with a blood sugar level of 2.6 (with no hypo signs) - I'm hoping that this is a consequence of the heat rather than a sign that I still haven't worked out what carbs I need for the exercise. For yesterday's walk I started on 7.4, was 4.6 midway and 6.2 at the end, couldn't ask for better than that so hopefully today was just a blip......

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