Thursday, 8 September 2011

Lists, lists, lists.....

As I'm sure a lot of you know I'm a bit of a fan of lists (and post it notes, and particularly colour coded post it notes with lists on them....) Now with just over two weeks to go until the challenge I decided it's time to get organised and put together a to do/to take list to work out how much preparation I have left to do. In the interests of sharing my Three Peaks experience on here I figure I may as well write the list straight on here:

  • Kit - need to pack my back pack, walking poles, walking boots, 3 pairs of walking socks, walking trousers, water proof trousers, technical T-shirt, fleece, walking jacket, lightweight waterproof jacket, gloves, warm weather hat, cold weather hat, sunglasses, head torch, spare batteries and bulb for torch, whistle, sun cream, insect repellent, water pouch, blister plasters, pain killers.
  • Paperwork - train tickets to London, Oyster card, sleeper train tickets, Bangor to Manchester train tickets, hotel information, flight tickets, passport, details of all train etc times, contact details for challenge organisers. Need to get some sort of plastic wallet to carry all this in.
  • Snacks - jelly babies, sports drinks, cereal bars, crisps/nuts, pitta bread and something to put on it so I have something vaguely resembling a proper meal, fruit juice, chocolate.
  • Mobile phone - I bought an external battery so I can recharge phone during the challenge but cannot find it so I either need to track it down or buy another one.
  • Camera - need to look into buying an extra battery for this
  • Clothes to travel in and clothes to change into - need to keep these light, need something to wear to travel to London in plus nightwear for the sleeper train and the hotel in Manchester. Then clothes for the flight back on the Monday. Bag to put these in, this bag needs to be hand luggage size so I can check in my walking back pack. My walking back pack has lots of straps etc so maybe take tape or something to secure them before check in
  • Headphones, phone charger, insulin pens plus spares and spare cartridges, plenty of blood test strips plus blood meter, money, ear plugs
  • Going to try to Tweet when I can to keep anyone who is interested updated on my progress, this will last as long as my phone battery does. Have set this up but need to send the details round etc. Need to explore whether I can get that to feed onto my Facebook page and/or this blog automatically, any experts out there...?
  • Keep fundraising, try to reach £500 at the least....
  • Rest up, carb up and get lots of sleep

Phew, that is a lot, and a lot of things still to sort out - any suggestions of things I might have forgotten etc very get on with it I guess!

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