Sunday, 26 June 2011

Didn't see that coming......

The first of this week's two weekend walks was to explore some more of Wherryman's Way - starting at Reedham, heading towards Great Yarmouth before turning round at the 4 mile point and ending back at Reedham Ferry for a well deserved sit down and a drink at the pub.

We started the day with breakfast at the, relatively, new House cafe on St Benedicts. A great discovery and we will definately be returning. It turns out coffee and a cheese toastie is pretty much the perfect way to fuel up ready for a long walk. Shame I won't be able to visit at the Ben Nevis start of the actual walk!

the perfect start to a lovely walk......

After breakfast we caught the train to Reedham and after a short 25 minute journey arrived at Reedham and made the short walk down to the river at Reedham Ferry before picking up Wherryman's Way and following the path of the river towards Great Yarmouth for just over 4 miles. The weather was almost perfect for walking, a nice cool breeze and although rain seemed to be threatening it never quite reached. We were impressed by the number of mills we passed along the way - from the abandoned and crumbling to the one that had been turned into an impressive house. Towards our turning point we could just see in the distance a few traditional mills, back dropped by a wind farm in the distance, a great view of old and new.

wind farm in the distance behind a more traditional wind mill

On the way back to Reedham Ferry we spotted in the distance two people coming towards us, an usual sight as we'd barely seen anyone since we set out, as is quite usual for the walks I have completed to date. Even more unusual however was the fact that one of the two was carrying a microphone! It transpired they were from Future Radio and doing a piece on The Broads and so asked us a few questions. A very bizarre, unexpected (but welcome) interlude for our walk!
unexpected enocounter....

I did unfortunately manage to have another hypo on this walk, another wake up call that I cannot forget diabetes entirely while training. Was quickly sorted though and all too soon we were back at Reedham Ferry to enjoy a very welcome drink outside the Reedham Ferry pub, watching the boats go past before returning to the station and Norwich. In total an enjoyable 9 mile walk. Having now completed several sections of Wherryman's Way I'm determined to do the whole distance, even if it's in sections, before the summer is out.

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