Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Last weekend's walk (Sunday) was a little bit shorter than most, total of 7.35miles. It should have been 4 miles out then 4 miles back, however when turning round we failed to take into account our moment of etting lost in an electric fence surrounded field, meaning our return journey was shorter than the outward leg.

We chose to explore the first part of the Tas Valley Walk, a footpath which goes from Eaton in Norwich to Attleborough. It was a nice walk, but it's fair to say it isn't one of my favourites. Much of the route is on road and there are certain parts which feel decidedly non-countryside.....

oh I do like to be in the countryside.....

The big issue for me however was that when we had sections of  'real' countryside there was a significant prevalance of cows along the route. Usually when looking for potential routes I tend to try to avoid the ones that tell you that the walk takes you through fields of grazing cattle, sadly this one didn't warn me of this feature. I just find it rather disconcerting to be wandering through a field to suddenly be confronted with a herd of cows, an irrational fear maybe but I'm just not a fan. The first cow field we went through contained a lot of staring cows with their calves, but they didn't seem particularly interested in coming near us. The second field however had particulaly large, angry looking cows in it so I was quite pleased that we reached the 4 mile turning round mark before we had to turn back. Quite a shock then around 2 miles back when a previously cowless field had inherited some cows in our absence. At first we felt quite nervous as a few started to come towards us so was quite pleased when, seemingly more scared of us than me of them, they all turned and ran as far away from us as they could.

scary cows???

I managed to get three other people to join me on this walk, no mean feat given that we'd all had a late night following parties/going out. So thank you to Hetal, Tony and Tom for joining me, particularly Hetal for getting stuck in a spring-loaded kissing-gate!

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