Sunday, 29 May 2011

A change of pace...

No long walk for me this weekend, instead tomorrow morning I will be running the Bupa 10k in London. Before a became a hill/mountain walker (am I allowed to call myself that yet?) running was my thing. I'm not claiming that I was ever that great/fast at it but it was certainly where my efforts were focussed. Sadly, as I'm now focussed on alternative training it has been some time since I've done any serious running so I'm definately not expecting a personal best tomorrow.

I've been taking the chance over the last few days to review my kit list. When I first signed up to the challenge I embarked on a bit of a 'kit buying frenzy' but in recent months my enthusiasm for mountain related shopping has waned so it's probably about time to look at it again, so I don't have a mad rush in September. A typical kit list seems to consist of:

Walking boots - done
At least 3 pairs walking socks - I have 2
Back pack - done
Walking poles -
Base layer - done, but not specifically bought for this
Mid layer - done
Waterproof coat - done
Waterproofs (legs) -
Compass - done
Small fist aid kit - done
Hydration pack - done
Hat & gloves -
Survival bag -
Head torch and batteries/spare bulb -
Sunglasses, suncream, insect repellant, food etc - buy nearer the time

Actually, looking at that I have to say I'm not nearly as concerned as I thought I'd be, not a huge amount left to do. I guess that means training needs to remain my main focus!

Speaking of training, I have come to the conclusion that I would like the opportunity to do a bit more 'real' hill/mountain walking so I think I'm going to look into options for going away somewhere hilly for a weekend soon. Not confident I'm going to be able to persuade friends to come along with me so I think I'll be looking at organised coach trips etc....

For now though I'm going to settle down to read the copy of 'Trail' magazine (think I'm becoming a geek) which I found in the supermarket today blazened with the headline 'Get fit for the 3 peaks - the one month plan that works wherever you walk', here's hoping.......

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