Monday, 25 July 2011

21 miles in two days!

After yesterday's 11 mile walk it took a lot for me to peel myself away from my bed (on my day off!) to tackle today's walk. But peel myself I did, and I do feel rather pleased with myself for doing so.

I decided today would be the day to do another coastal walk - the summer season seems to be starting to really kick in now, and the town carnivals for Cromer and Sheringham are just round the corner so I think I will focus on the less tourist-popular areas for my walks during August.

I started today's walk by getting the bus to Cromer and then walking, following the road, into Overstrand and on to the cliff tops which provide some pretty good hilly sections (hilly by Norfolk standards). I then followed the cliffs, round the Cromer golf course and into Cromer sea front. Last time I did this section of the North Norfolk coast it was a gloriously sunny day so it did strike me how different the landscape looks when it is overcast.

After passing through the town I followed the cliffs along to the Runton Road car park. There the cliff path disappears into a private camp site so I had to temporarily follow the road until I reached East Runton where I made my way down to the beach. I had just missed high tide so I was able to walk along the beach - as the tide was still quite high I had to keep switching between walking on the rocks and walking on sand, both provided a pretty tough work out which has to be a good thing training-wise, even if I didn't totally enjoy it.

beach walking

I walked along the beach until I reached West Runton, and specifically the West Runton Beach Cafe. Here I stopped for a very welcome My Whippy ice cream (with flake of course!) and a bit of a breather. Ok, ok I know I'm not going to be able to do this during the actual Three Peaks but once in a while can't hurt surely.....? 

After my pit stop I then continued along the cliff path, over Beeston Bump, through Sheringham and along to Skeldon Hill (where the Sheringham Coastwatch volunteers are based); this is a pretty good hill (again, by Norfolk standards) for training. I went over this hill and then stopped and did it again before heading into Sheringham to get the bus back. 

In total the walk was 10 miles and gave me a good mix of uphill and downhill walking as well as different surfaces. Coupled with yesterday's 11 mile walk I'm pretty pleased with what I've achieved and really am starting to feel like the hard work I'm been putting into my training is really starting to pay off, and hopefully putting me in good stead for the challenge. It of course remains to be seen how I'll feel tomorrow after these past two days of activity, the current plan is to do Gas Hill during my lunch break tomorrow, let's see how that goes......

today's route

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