Sunday, 13 March 2011

Training Walk

Living in one of the flattest counties in the UK much of my training is taking place in the gym, for the most part putting the treadmill gradient up high and walking until I get enough 'looks' from people who want their turn. I also have a few trips to hilly/mountainous areas to get some real training. The third part of this training triangle is my aim to go on at least one long walk in the countryside each fortnight. This is to help me get used to walking for long periods of time and to let me test out my kit. Today was my first such walk.

Having purchased a handy book that details walks from local railways stations I took myself off on the train to Cantly to start my walk. From here the walk took me up and down a series of footpaths through the villages of Buckenham, Lingwood and Strumpshaw before finishing my walk in Brundall. In total it was a 10.6 mile walk which took me 3 1/2 hours which I'm reasonably pleased with for a first attempt.

The route was almost deserted and I found myself quite enjoying the peace and quiet as well as the lovely scenery. That was until my walking poles started making a strange creaking noise that wouldn't have been out of place in an atmospheric scene before something dreadful happens in a horror movie. A few minutes later I turned the corner and was confronted by the scene below.....

Don't worry, I did check and it was definately doll in origin!

All in all quite a successful walk, my new walking boots, clothing, back pack etc seemed to hold out well and despite a few brief moments of confusion my map reading skills were sufficient. Some hours after finishing the walk I am however feeling less enthusiastic about the walk as odd aches and pains, as well as general tiredness, start to make themselves known. I'm clearly not ready to do the Three Peaks yet, I suppose that's why I have 6 months to go but still kind of wish my feet didn't feel quite so sore!

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